Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ak ske gambar ni..

gambar ni di amik kat genting
1st tyme kiteorg g genting ramai2..
sgt best
sgt fun..
sgt seronok..

harap dpt g same2 lg..

baruku sedar...

betapa bodohnye ak slame nih ak rase
ak slame neh dok pening n srabutkan kpala je dok pikirkan die
tp baru ari ni ak sedar
slame nih ak dok pikir die....
ade ke die dop pikir pasal ak...


ak rase pasaan sgguh kejam
sgt kejam..

nape baru skrg ak sedar.......................... setelah beberapa ari ak tensen..
ak geram n nk mrah pon ade tp......

ak xley nk salahkn sesape..
salah ak gak..



Sunday, September 6, 2009

i wouln't giving up on myself
even i noe it is hard to get it o it is possible for me
i noe im not nothing
i noe i can be somebody
not everyone will accept me but
i believe in this big world
there are some people will remember me
and accept me as who i am..
i will not be greed
i will not be a person who is has much regret
i want to be a useful person to everyone
i want to help others
i want to be a good person
be strong
go forward
move ahead


tell me how i am
tell me what i supposed to do when i don't know what should i do
tell me to calm down whenever i got pissed
tell me to do the best in whatever i make
tell me jokes whenever i feel bad
listen to me when i feel to talk to
hold me when i feel lost
cheer me up when i sad
give me a warm hug when i cry
give me advice when im doing something bad
lend me your shoulder whenever i feel want to cry
always support me
give me a big smile......
i noe im not being a good friends
i'll do my best to be a good friends..

ak, syifa' n dila..
begamba kat umah kg di tgh2 mall..

pose sakan nmpaknye ak nih..
lau xde keje pas grade
agak2 ley la jd model swatch sementara...

ade ape disebalik daun pisang ini?
msti la ade gadis2 cun..

Monday, August 31, 2009

ngn sya kat kedai mkn..
mkn steak..
hee.1st tyme mkn steak..
rase ley tahan gak la..

en.mispan ngah cek blood pressure
blood pressure agak rendah
tp masih ley diselamatkan lg..
as masih ley berlari...

entah kenapa..
pada tgah hari yg redup ini hati dan jiwaku melayang ke sesuatu
sesuatu yg x dapat ak tangkis lg akan kewujudannye
sesautu yg bisa buat air mataku mengalir
sesuatu yg bisa buatku rasa sakit dan pedih
aku ingin sekali usir perasaan ini jauh2
apakan daya
ak x mampu..
ak x dapat nak elak akan merasai perasaan ini
ia sesuatu yg indah tetapi penuh dgn kepedihan..
perasaan ini byk mengajarku ape iti erti kehidupan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

boling day..
da lame da tp baru nk letak gamba ari ni..
ak rindu la tyme kua ramai2 cam dulu..
skrg da ssh ckit sbb da dk jauh..
nk kua pon ssh

ni mase kat ts..
kua outing
ble ade mase lapang je msti kiteorg akn hang out sesame..
best sgt2..
fren 4 eva..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

You are Orange!

You are Orange! You are a fun loving, energized person who loves to have fun. You love to be with friends, and probably like being in the middle of things - all the time. Not to say that you're crazy hyper or intense, you can actually be pretty chill. You just love to have fun. You are probably happy most of the time (that's the yellow in you) but you can also be passionate and possibly have a bit of a temper (that's the red in you). You're a little off-beat; you like to stand out! Your friends know that they can always count on you to keep things interesting. You, in a nutshell: Fun loving, go-with-the-flow, unique, adventurous, outgoing, funky. ORANGE!


Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egoistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical.

Need U....

ak rase da lame ak update blog ak
ak rase sgt kejam...
da dua ari demam sbnrnye..
baru je td ak g klinik..
2 pon td naseb bek ade mell n adi
dorg la yg tlng tman ak g klinik..
sgt2 berterima kaseh kat korg...
semoga diberkati Allah selalu....

ak g poliklinik kt kajang
ak kene byr 47 hennget..
nseb bek duet loan da masuk..

doc bg ak byk gler ubat
bsar2 lak tue
tkot ak nk telan

doc ckp ak nye demam bese2 jer nye
kire bkn H1N1 la
ak bersyukur sgt
doc ckp lau dlm mase 3 ri tak sembuh gak
ak kene g cek darah

ak harap ak sembuh esk je terus
doakan ak cepat sembuh ye korg

mc ak dapt sehari jer..
ok la drp x dpt lngsung kn..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your Burger Says That You are Gluttonous

You are very gluttonous. Even if you're full, you'll still clear your plate.

You are a compassionate and caring. You know how to enjoy life while still looking out for others.

You are likely a fairly picky eater. And you're secretly a little squeamish about some foods.

You tend to gravitate toward strong, pungent foods. Even if it means having bad breath!

You are straightforward, honest, and ambitious. You tend to be direct about what you want when it comes to food.

You are emotional. You have a big heart, and you tend to go for comfort foods.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You Are Snow

You are peaceful and calm. You are able to enjoy each moment.

You have a pure, gentle spirit. People automatically trust you.

You have a playful, adventurous spirit. You still feel like a kid.

You are able to find the joy in any situation. You are blissful.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

where journey begins

when i was young-about 5 years old
my appa took me to the tadika in frot of my house
it is about 10 steps from my mension's gate
that was my very 1st school
i was in the same tadika with zaeryl

the journey become harder when my amma sent me to secondary school
i was study at SKKR-Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg Raja from standard 1 until standard 6
in my class....
i was the smallest n miniest person eva..=(
my friends always tease me n make fun of me
for me is nothing bcoz i enjoy it
i enjoy to be dberi perhatian
that kind of perhatian on that time laa

after that..
when im finished my UPSR and get result
i was sent to TMS-Tengku Mahmud School or SMKTM-Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Mahmud
my journey start to become exciting and full of laughter and sadness
n.... now
i don knoe wat to write

Friday, May 1, 2009


big bang in the house
with the cutest faces
with the biggest smile
with the great songs
make me falls into them

big bang is back!!
sooooooo sweeettt.......
like ice cream....

sung min-super junior
good looking sung min
look bright and cute in this shirt
i like it
i feel that my heart is falling into him

my eun hyuk
u r sooooooooooooooo cute and charming in pink
i'll fall easily into guy who wearing pink
eun hyuk-kun

the precious smile

im the big fan of big bang and super junior

cinta membuat kita tidak memandang apa-apa sekalipun dtg drpd kta wlau sbesar mane skalipn
kta hnya memndang ape yg dtg dri org yg kta cintai wlau kecil mane skalipn
cinta mmbuat kta mmbuang sifat sendri dan mngambil sifatnya sbgai ganti.....


some one said that my pic is in website
i don noe which website it is
my fear has come out
im afraid that has some1 that publish my pic randomly
i fear the pic is uncommon pic
i don noe wat to do
i hope everything is gonna be fine
i hope that the pic is not uncommon pic
a hope there is nothing bad will happen...
hope sooo..

Monday, April 27, 2009

perah otak cam perah towel basah

tadi exam anatomy and physiology
mase mula2 msuk dwan exam td ak gemuruh gak r
tp ak wat muka toya jer
kononnye kool r
soklan td agak susah r
bace paham tp nk carik jawapan x bape nak paham
td ade 30 soklan objektif
2 soklan stucture
n 5 soklan essei-pilih 4 je
mula2 ak bukak paper
tgn da trketar ketar abes r
ak jwb soklan esei dulu..
antara soklan2 yg ak jwb td:-
1) describe three phases of gastric digestion.explain why they are named cephalic,gastric and intestinal phase
2) describe three mechanism of glomerular filtration
3) with diagram, explain uterine cycle
4) explain structure and functions three male excessory sex glands
nk jwb essei ni bkn senang taw
semua idea ak da tulis kat paper td
smpai nk tulis kat cni pn da kering
ntah pape ak neh

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ak syg dia

ak sayang dia
tp ak x taw
patutkah ak bg taw dia..
ak skrg tgah brkira kira nk bgtaw ke x
wat should i do??
ak x taw la dia syg ak jgak ataw x
dari segi dia lyn ak cam dia care je
btol ke care brmakna syg?
ak pon tarak taw..

one word thousand of smile

percaya tak???
dgn hnya satu perkataan shja kita da bley buat org tersenyum..
perkataan itu mestilah datang dari hati
jika kita ikhlas mengungkapkannye
maka org yg mendengarnya tidak akn merasa berat hati untuk melaksanaknnye...
apakah perkataan itu????
perkataan itu adalah SENYUM...

macam mayat idup jer
tidak mengapa
buruk macam mana pun org
jika sentiasa senyum
nescaya akan menjadi cantik
jikalau cantik tp tak senyum
bkn nk mengata tp....
mmg tak cantik r
nk tgk pun tak bes
seyumlah wahai kawan2 semua

Thursday, April 23, 2009


nak final tapi ak masih lg maen2

xtaw la pe nk jd ngn ak nie...
nk kate ak mls sgt xde laa
mmg mls pon
mls nk study jer
ak bkn pe..
ak kureng bab2 bce nie
ak kene ade org trgkan kt ak bru la ak paham
sbnrnye ade je org nk tlng trgkan tp ak lak yg x tnye
ak rase cam ntah pape je ak ni

cobaan 1..2..

ak xtaw nk tulis ape sbnrnye ni...
ni first tyme ak wat blog sndiri...
ak bknnye terer sgt bab2 blogging neh..
bese lar........
org bru knal dunia IT mmg camni..
ak malu gak nk tulis kat cni
ye la.....
nnti pe plak org ckp..poyo r minah ni....
da la smpai cni jer dulu.
nnti smbung lg
lpas ak pikir ayt2 bes ckit..


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