Friday, January 15, 2010

Otoke?? What should i do??

lately i feel quite misery and worried
it is due to my health issues
i don't know why
my nose keep bleeding even not too much but it is quite bothersome
can you imagine..
in just one day
there are few times i have nose bleed
some more..
my nose bleed while i'm having my dinner with my friends
fortunately, it is not too much as in the morning
this is the second day i having nose bleed..
weird huh..
every time after i having nose bleed
i got headache..
i don't know why that has happen
is there something wrongs going on in my tiny little body
i want to go for checkup but i'm scared to go alone..
i also have to keep my promise to take care of myself
because if there is anything happen to me

p/s: hope everything is gonna be alright


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